Farm Shop, Air Source Heat Pump and Underfloor Heating

Project Background

HeatPumps4Homes were contacted by Mr Swinson in 2013.

Mr Swinson and his wife were looking to open a new farm shop and cafe to sell locally grown produce and provide snacks and hot meals to the local community.

The existing property was not on mains gas and was being heated by an aging oil boiler.

HeatPumps4Homes worked closely with the customer to design a heat pump solution which would deliver considerable cost savings compared with if the property was heated by oil.

Heat Pump Selection

A Mitsubishi 8kw air source heat pump was selected which had sufficient capacity to allow the the farm shop to be extended in the future if required.

Underfloor Heating

HeatPumps4Homes also designed and installed an underfloor heating system throughout the property which would work well with the air source heat pump.

We used our specialist underfloor heating design software to design the layout of the underfloor heating system so that it would deliver the correct amount of heat for the property with the higest level of efficiency.

The underfloor heating system was then installed in accordance with the design document.





Once the underfloor heating pipes had been laid, they were pressure tested and then covered with screed.

Hot Water System

A 200 litre Mitsubish hot water cylinder was also installed to provide sufficient hot water for the farm shop and cafe.

The hot water cylinder is enclosed in a white cabinet which blends in well with the kitchen environment.


The Mitsubishi cylinder also contains the control panel for the heat pump which is very easy to operate.

The system was configured according to the customer's requirements to heat the hot water, cafe and farm shop areas.

Once set, the controls do not need any further adjustment

Any Questions?

If you have any question on this installation, or would like to know if it would be suitable for your property

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