Solutions for Business

Solutions for Business

At HeatPumps4Homes, we are happy to work with your business to offer a cost effective heating solution.

We appreciate that business owners have different needs to domestic property owners.

We can help advise you on whether using a heat pump in your business will reduce your heating costs.

We can also advise on eligibility for the Non-Domestic RHI payments for business users


Heat Pumps

We can offer the following types of heat pumps

  • Air source heat pumps from the manufacturers that we consider to offer the best in terms of reliability, backup service, performance and price

    Heat Pumps

  • Ground source heat pumps - more involved and expensive to install than air source heat pumps as they require bore holes or trenches to be dug, but can offer a more consistent heat output all year round

Heat Pumps

  • Air to air heat pumps - great for conservatories or for heating one room or area. They can often heat and cool the air to offer air conditioning in the summer.

Heat Pumps

Air Conditioning

We can offer a wide range of air conditioning solutions for business.

Our systems can provide both heating and cooling for commercial properties at a low running cost.

Please Contact Us for further information


Underfloor Heating

We can design and install underfloor heating to work in conjunction with one of our heat pumps

We use specialist underfloor heating software to design the layout to suit the requirements of your room.

Underfloor Heating

Maximum efficiency (and payments from the RHI) are achieved when the flow temperature of the water in the underfloor heating is as low as possible (ideally around 35c).

We can design your underfloor heating system to work efficiently with a heat pump.

We can install underfloor heating systems for many floor typs including:-

  • Solid concrete floors
  • Suspended timber floors
  • Insulated screed floors
  • etc

See our Underfloor Heating Page for more information and photgraphs of recent installations

General Plumbing Services

As part of our installation of a heat pump, we will normally fit a new hot water cylinder that is suitable for use with a heat pump.

We have a team of experienced plumbing engineers who can connect the hot water cylinder to your existing or new plumbing installation.

We can also offer complimentary plumbing services including

  • Installing or changing radiators
  • Installing fan assisted radiators
  • Hot water pipework
  • Cold water pipework
  • Underfloor heating
  • Room thermostat installation
  • Boiler removal (or replacement)
  • General plumbing work

Plumbing Services





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