Benefits of using a heat pump

Using a heat pump as your heating system has many benefits over heating methods.

Heat Pump Benefits

Air source heat pumps (also known as ASHPs):

  • Could lower your fuel bills, especially if you are replacing conventional electric heating
  • Could provide you with an income through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
  • Could lower your home’s carbon emissions, depending on which fuel you are replacing
  • Don't need fuel deliveries
  • Can heat your home and provide and hot water
  • Need little maintenance - they're called ‘fit and forget’ technology
  • Can be easier to install than a ground source heat pump, though efficiencies may be lower.

Unlike gas and oil boilers, heat pumps deliver heat at lower temperatures over much longer periods. During the winter they may need to be on constantly to heat your home efficiently. You will also notice that radiators won't feel as hot to the touch as they might do when you are using a gas or oil boiler

These include:-

Heat Pump Advantages

  • Lower Running costs
  • Get paid by the government to heat your house by receiving the "feed-in-tariff" payments from Spring 2014
  • Reliable
  • Low maintenance
  • No fuel storage tank or oil deliveries required as with oil
  • No need to purchase fuel as per oil, no risk of running low on fuel
  • Quiet operation -unobtrusive and quiet
  • Advanced energy saving features
  • Weather compensation built in as standard
  • Inverter compressor technology - adjusts the running power of the heat pump according to the demand from the property
  • Easy to install, no groundwork needed e.g boreholes
  • Ideal for off gas grid properties
  • Single phase power supply with low starting current
  • Flexible, can be connected to underfloor heating, radiators or fan coils

As a package of energy saving measures, helps towards higher rating in the Code for Sustainable Homes

If you have solar PV panels to generate electricity, this power can be used to run the heat pump to further reduce your heating and runnning costs.


Heat Pump advantages over traditional boiler systems

  • Air Source heat pumps are up to 5 times more efficient
  • Up to 60% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • No fumes or emissions
  • Low servicing requirements

Efficiency of a heat pump

Heat pumps are around 400% efficient. This means that for every unit of energy used by the heat pump in operation, three or more units of heat are generated for use in a building.

As heat pumps work by extracting available heat from the outside air, they are far more efficient than even the most efficient fossil-fuel based heating systems. Heat pumps featuring inverter technology are particularly efficient for all kinds of indoor heating.

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