Daikin Heat Pumps

Why HeatPumps4Homes recommend Daikin Altherma heat pumps

Daikin have a long history of making air conditioning products and the Daikin Altherma range fits well with Daikin's expertise and market reputation

Daikin have a reputation as a market leader in the domestic heat pump market

At HeatPumps4Homes, we recommend Daikinheat pumps because:-

  1. Daikin have a reputation for excellent products and performance
  2. Daikin have a long established position for air conditioning and heat pumps
  3. They are very well built and have excellent tried and tested performance
  4. They are very quiet in operation
  5. They have a heat pump model to suit most property types eg monoblock, split and high temperature
  6. Daikin are very innovative and bring out new market leading products eg the High Temperature heat pumps and the new Hybrid heat pump range.
  7. Daikinoffer a range of hot water cylinders that work in conjunction with their Altherma heat pumps
  8. The new Daikin controller is easy to use for the homeowner and the installer
  9. Great warranty and after-sales support

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Daikin Altherma Heat Pump Types

Daikin offer several ranges of heat pumps that will suit almost every property type

Their range includes

Daikin Monoblock

The Daikin monoblock heat pumps have a self-contained outdoor unit which contains all of the compents to generate hot water and output this to your property.

The monoblock unit sits outdoors and comes in sizes of 6kw, 8kw, 11kw and 16kw

With a monoblock system, hot water pipes run between the outdoor unit and the hot water cylinder in the property

dailin small monoblock

Daikin Split Systems

The Daikin split systems are typically used when the distance between the outdoor unit and the cylinder/property is large.

Pipes carrying refrigeration gas are laid between the outdoor unit and an internal wall mounted unit called a "hydrobox"

A hot water cylinder is also required.

daikin hydrobox daikin cylinder
Daikin Outdoor Unit Daikin Hydrobox Daikin Hot Water Cylinder

daikin split heat pump

Daikin High Temperature Heat Pump

The Daikin High Temperature heat pump range is unique in that it outputs hot water at a much higher temperature than standard heat pumps.

It uses a two-stage heat pump system to raise the output water temperature to around 80c

This high temperature is sufficent to use with existing radiators etc

The high temperature heat pump is therefore ideal for properties that do not want to replace or change existing radiators.

It comprises of an outdoor unit, an indoor hydrobox and a hot water cylinder.

daikin high temp heat pump

Daikin Hybrid System

The Daikin hybrid system is a new product for 2014.

It comprises a gas combi-boiler and an outdoor heat pump.

No hot water cylinder is required.

The system intelligently selects whether to use the gas boiler or the heat pump according to the weather and the demand.

The heat pump output is measured and can qualify for payments under the RHI due to be launched in Spring 2014

It is suitable for small 2-3 bed properties

daikin hybrid heat pump

Approved Daikin Altherma Installer

HeatPumps4Homes are an accredited Daikin Altherma installer

We have attended many Daikintraining courses and continue to keep up to date with new products and services

Case Studies

Daikin have numerous case studies that showcase Daikin Altherma in different environments and settings.

Click Here to see some case studies of Daikin Installations

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