Grants and Incentives

Green Homes Grant

HeatPumps4Homes are Trustmark registered and approved and so our customers can claim the new Green Homes Grant

Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme is now live and was launched on 9th April 2014.

The RHI scheme will pay users of air source or ground source heat pumps for seven years for domestic use (or 20-years for commercial use).

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

In 2018, the RHI rates were increased from 7.3p per kWh to 10.49p per kWh

This represented an increase of approx 43% !

The tariff is paid over a period of seven years, index linked.

More information on the domestic RHI is available on the Ofgem web site at

Non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The non-domestic RHI is available for business users of heat pumps

The payment rates are:

  • 4.8p per kWh for small heat pumps, less than 100kWth
  • 3.5p per kWh for large heat pumps of 100kWth+

Ground source and water source heat pumps heating water are eligible for the RHI. Air source heat pumps may be added to the scheme after further research into cost and performance. Results of the consultation are expected in autumn 2013.

The non-domestic RHI is paid for 20-years

Please contact us for a personalised estimate of the RHI that you could receive by using a heat pump

More information on the non-domestic RHI is available on the Ofgem website at

DECC RHI Calculator

You can see an estimate of the amount of RHI payments that you may receive for your property by using the DECC RHI calculator tool

this is available at

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