Heat Emitter Options

When installing a heat pump, careful consideration needs to be given to the type of heat emitter used (eg radiators etc)

Most heat pumps output water at a lower flow temperature than a gas or oil boiler.

Most boilers output hot water at around 70-80c whereas heat pumps typically output water at around 30-45c

As the flow temperature around the heating circuit is lower when using a heat pump than a boiler, the surface area of the heat emitter needs to be larger in order to output the same amount of heat.

At HeatPumps4Homes, we can advise on the best option for the heat emitters to use in your property.

The most common types for use with a heat pump are:-


1. Underfloor Heating (UFH)


Underfloor heating is the best option when using a heat pump if it is possible to fit underfloor heating.

We have a wide range of underfloor heating types to suit most floor types including:-

  • Solid concrete floors
  • Timber suspended floors

See our Underfloor Heating page for more information


2. Traditional Radiators


Traditional radiators can be used with heat pumps.

However as mentioned above, because the flow temperature of the water will be lower (typically 45c) when using a heat pump, the radiators will need to be larger or double/triple panel.

We can calculate the recommended size of radiator for each room in your property


3. Smart Radiators

Smart radiators contain a small fan which blows the warm air into the room.

Each smart radiator needs an electrical outlet next to it to run its fan and controls

Smart radiators are very well suited to use with heat pumps as they can be a more compact size than traditional radiators.

They also react and start working very quickly as they have a low water volume compared with traditional radiators

They are very quiet in operation and can have a time clock in each one which can be programmed to turn them on and off at set times.

They come in a choice of styles and finishes to suit the style of your property

As smart radiators use electrical power to opertate, they cannot be used in bathrooms in line with electrical safety regulations.

Various power outputs are available. We can advise on the sizes required for each room in your property

You can download the SmartRad Brochure here


At HeatPumps4Homes, we will take the trouble to discuss and review the best heat emitters for your property. 

Please Contact Us for more information


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