Mitsubishi 5kw Heat Pump on Park Home, Canvey Island, Essex




Project Background

HeatPumps4Homes were contacted by Mrs Willis  in 2015.

Their "Park" home is located on a large park village on Canvey Island, Essex

There are approximately 400 homes on the village and mains gas is not available.

The park home was using an electric "boiler" to heat the radiators which had a very high running cost


Photo showing original expensive electric heating system above which was removed and replaced by HeatPumps4Homes

Hot water was also heated by an electric immersion heater which resulted in an expensive method of providing heating and hot water for the property.

The property already had solar PV panels to generate electricity and so the customer understood that the electricity generated could help to run the heat pump

HeatPumps4homes contacted the manufacturer of the park home to ascertain the insulation levels for the property.

A detailed room by room heat loss calculation was then performed to accurately select the optimum size heat pump for the property.

Heat Pump Selection

A Mitsubishi 5kw air source heat pump was selected together with a 150 litre hot water cylinder


Hot Water Provision

The existing hot water cylinder was removed and replaced by a more efficient highly insulated cylinder that is compatible with the heat pump.


Heat Emitters

HeatPumps4Homes measured the size of each existing radiator and carefully checked that they would be suitable to work with the heat pump.

Wireless Thermostat

 A Mitsubishi wireless thermostat was supplied which easily allows the homeowner to see the current room temperature and to set the desired temperature.

As the thermostat is wireless, it can be located in any suitable position to allow easy monitoring

The main system controller uses the new FTC5 system which is incredibly easy to operate.




Installation of the system was completed in two days.

Installation included our engineers having to crawl in the void underneath the park home to run the pipes.

The pipes from the heat pump to the home were insulated and run in special trunking underneath the customer's patio to create a neat finish.

The existing cylinder,heating system and all debris were removed from the site

A handover pack was supplied to the customer which includes the MCS certificate for the installation, user guides and user manuals etc

Training on how to operate the system was given to the customer and of course HeatPumps4Homes remain on hand to answer any questions that they may have in the future.

Project Outcome

Mrs Willis is delighted with the new heat pump installation.

Her electricity bills have fallen from around £150 per month to approx £40 per month.

However she is claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive payments and also the feed in tariff for the solar panels

The combined income fom both payments, means that the running costs of the property are zero !

In fact, Mrs Willis receives an income each month from the combined payments.

The customer has no hesitation in recommending HeatPumps4Homes to any other customers.

Any Questions?

If you have any question on this installation, or would like to know if it would be suitable for your property

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