Mitsubishi 8.5kw Air Source Heat Pump on Bungalow in Wickford, Essex



Project Background

HeatPumps4Homes were contacted by Mrs Barrow near Wickford, Essex, as HeatPumps4Homes had been recommended to her.

The customer had an old gas back boiler which had recently been condemmed by a gas engineer.

To replace the back boiler required installing a new modern gas boiler in a new location and so the replacement cost for a gas solution was very high.

HeatPumps4Homes supplied a quotation to install an air-source heat pump, hot water, cylinder and new radiators.

After taking into account the payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive which are paid for a 7-year period, a heat pump solution not only proved cheaper to install, but also offered lower running costs compared with a gas solution

The customer therefore chose to proceed with a new heat pump solution from HeatPumps4Homes

Heat Pump Selection

After completing our heat-loss calculations for the property a Mitsubishi 8.5kw Ultra Quiet air source heat pump was selected together with a 150 litre hot water cylinder located in the loft

The new Ultra Quiet models offer incredibly quiet operation




Hot Water Provision

A new 150 litre cylinder was installed in the loft

We disconnected and decomissioned the existing hot water cylinder and water tanks in the loft


New Radiators

The existing radiators were old and too small to be used with a modern high efficiency air source heat pump.

As part of the installation, we therefore installed new double panel, double convector ratiators to each room




Wireless Thermostat

 A Mitsubishi wireless thermostat was supplied which easily allows the homeowner to see the current room temperature and to set the desired temperature.

As the thermostat is wireless, it can be located in any suitable position to allow easy monitoring

The main system controller uses the new FTC5 system which is incredibly easy to operate.




Installation of the system was completed in approximately 4-days

After comissioning the system, a handover pack was supplied to the customer which includes the MCS certificate for the installation, user guides and user manuals etc

A video was also supplied which provides an easy to follow guide on how to operated the new heat pump installation.

Training on how to operate the system was given to Mrs Barrow and of course HeatPumps4Homes remain on hand to answer any questions that they may have in the future.

Project Outcome

Mrs Barrow is delighted with the new heat pump installation.

She commented on how smoothly the work had progressed and the high quality of the workmanship.

They have no hesitation in recommending HeatPumps4Homes to any other customers.


Any Questions?

If you have any question on this installation, or would like to know if it would be suitable for your property

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