Typical costs

Typical costs

The costs to install a heat pump will vary from site to site and depend on many factors including:-

  • Property size
  • Heat pump size required
  • Building Location
  • If new heat emmitters are required eg underfloor heating or new radiators etc

Also ground source heat pump installations are more costly than air-source heat pumps.

Whilst the capital costs to install a heat pump will be higher than for a simple boiler, they can deliver lower running costs.

Also, remember that from Spring 2014, the RHI (renewable heat incentive) will be available for domestic and non-domestic installations

These will provide payments back to the heat pump user to help repay the capital cost of the installation

Domestic payments will be made for 7-years.

Typical Costs

Air source heat pumps

  • 2/3 bedroom house £5000-7000
  • 3/4 bedroom house £6000-10000
  • 4/5 bedroom house £7000-£14000

Ground source heat pumps

Depends on many site factors eg boreholes or trenches

Typical costs £15,000 - £30,000

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

As mentioned the government RHI scheme which launched in April 2014 will pay you for seven years when using an air source or ground source heat pump.

The amount paid under the RHI is calculated on the heat demand for the property and so will vary.

Typical payments are £500 - £1500 per year

We can calculate the amount of RHI payable for your property

Please contact us for more information

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